About Peter Kumar

Peter Kumar has been working with God diligently since 1982. He is an itinerant speaker & author.
Peter Kumar serves as an Associate Pastor at the Assembly of God Church in Greenville, SC.
He is the founder of Forerunners National changers International, SC, USA. His passion is to make the market place and missions merge in order to turn millions to the Lord. He is passionate about strengthening local churches and he enables church growth through evangelism and resources. He is adept at bringing revelation of Biblical principles that bring multiplication and fulfillment of destiny. He teaches the word with revelation to understand divine promotions in the market place. He teaches and mentors believers to become the head and not the tail.
Peter Kumar travels extensively to many nations ministering in conferences and local churches as well as small group settings that allows for personal interaction. He has had the privilege of serving ethnic groups in the cities across denominations to share the love of God, bringing fresh revelation and a personal word of encouragement that has blessed thousands across the globe.
His passion for God and His people drives him to look for every opportunity to strengthen the local churches, and enable church growth through evangelism so that the kingdom of God may grow and the name of our Lord Jesus be exalted