Task One Million

Peter has a heart for missions and believes that those in the market place should enable millions to turn to God in nations. This will be possible only if we learn KINGDOM REAPING PRINCIPLES. If we learn to GROW in KINGDOM STANDARDS we can help those involved in turning the hearts of multitude to GOD.

People who have turned away from God should return to God.
Millions should turn to God Now

Peter has a desire to prepare the best end time harvest by 2019 for the nation he visits. His revelation in this is that God will turn the hearts of millions to the Lord, by raising Elijahs and Josephs. He believes a large scale outpouring will happen in nations where God is about to work in tangible manifestation. The ministry is eager to partner with local churches and ministries towards this task.

Mandate For Nations

Peter is committed to partner with those with a vision to see millions turn to God in the USA and other nations. God gave a strategy to Peter about performing this TASK in the USA

1) Raising and training at least 30,000 disciples across the nation , who will commit to making revival manifest by reaching five million people with the Gospel.
2) Seeing the harvest of at least two million new believers all across the nation by developing strategies for each city distinctly.
3) Raising at least 15,000 people in the business market-place who will be trained to grow in multiplication - 30, 60 100 fold.
4) Ensuring that each church participates in the call to grow with a minimum of 5 visits
5) Creating at least 50,000 homes to become prophetic healing homes in the local community.
6) Building an Apostolic economy and make every believer prosper in the nation . The deployment of a business portal that believers will purposefully buy products of other believers.
7) Developing an effective reporting system for every believer who participates while the local church provides support for the call of the greatest revival.
8) Developing a network of local churches all across the nation in order to facilitate working together towards the task.
9) Set up the administrative platform to activate networking and providing excellent support to churches and ministries performing the task.
10) Establish excellent appraising system so that the efforts, growth and multiplication of people turning to God can be monitored systematically.